The system of obtaining the license to use the Emirates Quality Mark or EQM is a Product Certification scheme involving a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the Quality Management System used by the manufacturer in production through testing and inspection.


The EQM Certificate of Conformity

  • EQM Certificate can be used to clear shipments from Ports and Customs Authorities instead of ECAS Certificate for the certified products only

  • EQM Certificate is valid within 3 years upon issuance for the certified products.

  • Renewal application is required one month before expiration of the certificate.

  • List of certified products may be updated to include additional models provided these are manufactured in the same production line and the same set of technical requirements is met.

Application Requirements

  • 1. Valid UAE Trade / Industry License

  • 2. Declaration of Conformity

  • 3. Test report for the product, according to requirements of UAE Scheme and applicable product standard

  • 4. Product Label

  • 5. QMS Manual of each factory

  • 6. Quality Plan of each factory

  • 7. Plant Layout of each factory

  • 8. Vicinity map of all the factories

  • 9. Other Documents as needed

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