The use of electricity in household appliances and tools has made domestic life convenient, but at the same time riskier due to safety consideration that comes along when using such equipment. This has been the primary factor taken into account whenever international regulations and standards are drafted.

As the consumer goods sector continually develops, the safety aspect remained as critical as ever, with the demand for performance and durability making the market competition steeper. These, added to the fact of gradually depleting global resources have led to regulations for low voltage equipment that also include requirement for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Who should register?

Manufacturers or traders of the following products intended for the UAE market:

Refrigerators and Freezers Washing Machine and Dryers Washing Machine and Dryers Microwave Ovens Cooking Appliances Room Air Conditioners Fans and Humidifiers Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Cleaners Kitchen Appliances Appliances for Hair and Skincare Gas Power Appliances Personal Care Appliances TV Panels Water Dispenser Laser Products Lighting Products Marine Engines Elevators and Escalators Power Tools Battery Chargers AC and DC Cables Vending Machines Dishwashers

What certification scheme to apply for?

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