ECAS Services

The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme or ECAS is a Product Certification scheme for government-regulated products as mandated by the Federal Law 28 of 2001.

1. LVE – Household and similar electrical appliances
2. Cosmetics and personal care products
3. Food contact materials

EQM Services

The system of obtaining the license to use the Emirates Quality Mark or EQM is a Product Certification scheme involving a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the Quality Management System.

1. Bottled Drinking Water
2. Milk and Dairy Products
3. Juice and Beverages

EESL Services

Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling or EESL is a set of UAE Technical Regulations for electrical appliances. This program requires specific information to be included on the product label.

1. House hold Air Conditioners
2. Commercial and Central Air Conditioners
3. Freezers and Refregerators

Halal Services

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. In relation to food and cosmetic products, Halal means products that are allowed to be consumed or used by humans according to Shariah (Islamic Law).

1.Animal Slaughtering
2. Perishable Animal Products
3. Products with Long Shelf Life at Room Temperature

GMARK Services

As an important part of realizing the goals of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) of a unified economic agreement among its member states, (G Mark) was adopted in the region as a common market requirement

1. Electric Fans
2. Refregerating Appliances
3. Microwave Ovens

SQM Services

Saudi Quality Mark is the exclusive property of SASO, being granted to be used on products that have demonstrated compliance to Saudi standards, manufactured in a facility that has an effective Management System.

1. Gas appliances and accessories
2. Construction and building materials
3. Oxo-biodegradable additives


The government of KSA is strictly monitoring the entry of consumer goods into their ports, ensuring that only products that meet the requirements of local regulations & international standards are allowed into their markets.

1. Electrical Devices
2. Vehicle Spare Parts
3. Textiles and accesories


UAE have adopted laws that mandate disposable polyolefin plastics to be oxo-biodegradable.

1. All Carrier Bags
2. Courier and Security bags
3. Mail Order Bags


KSA have adopted laws that mandate disposable polyolefin plastics to be oxo-biodegradable.

1. Garbage Bags
2. Cling Film
3. Flower Wrap

IECEE Services

Mandatory Certification Scheme in KSA regulating products according to technical regulations or standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment.

1. Mobile Phones
2. Chargers and their Parts
3. Batteries (Mobile phones)


On-line verification system integrating different government entities in KSA that will ensure products compliance to Saudi regulations before entry into the Saudi Market

1. Ability to issue conformity certificates automatically,
2. Speed up their issuance process
3. Reduction of fraud and manipulation of conformity certificates

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• certification schemes and conformity assessment procedures including rules for granting, suspending, extending or reducing scope of, or withdrawing certificate
• Certification fees
• Rights and duties of clients

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