Saudi Quality Mark is the exclusive property of SASO based on the Registered Trademark registration number 1303/79. This is a mark granted by SASO to products that have demonstrated compliance to Saudi standards, manufactured in a facility that has an effective Management System to ensure continuous conformance to requirements.

Advantages of Getting the Quality Mark

  • • The Quality Mark is an important means to guide consumers to products that conform to Saudi standards.

  • • Through the Quality Mark, products gain customers' satisfaction and trust.

  • • It increases merchant's sales.

  • • It is a way of constructing conventional trade infrastructures that facilitate signing export contracts with other countries.

  • • It encourages the continuous development and improvement of the product by following modern scientific methods that improve the product and enhance competitiveness in international markets.

  • • It qualifies establishments to win local and international quality awards.

  • • It enhances the reputation and name of establishments locally, regionally and internationally.

  • • It facilitates the entry of products through customs ports.

  • • It facilitates the export process of the products carrying it.

  • • It supports the national economy, increases competitiveness of Saudi products in the local and international markets and increases Saudi exports.

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Application Requirements

  • 1. Application Form

  • 2. Industrial License

  • 3. Commercial Registration

  • 4. Plant Layout

  • 5. Quality Manual

  • 6. Organization Chart

  • 7. Vicinity Map of the Facility

  • 8. Product Test Report according to applicable Saudi Standard Issued by a Third Party Labaratory

  • 9. Product Catalogue

  • 10. Quality Plan

  • 11. Result of Internal Testing

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